Whole House Carpet Cleaning

Tired of looking at dirty carpets and tile? We’ll clean all carpeted areas in your home.

Springer’s carpet and surface cleaning professionals use specially formulated equipment and products from ProChem, a world leader in industrial maintenance supplies. These provide superior cleaning while offering greater fabric and surface care to extend the life and luster of carpets and floors.

Here’s how easy it is with Springer:

  • Our professionals will inspect all carpeted areas of your home and inform you of any trouble areas.
  • Use furniture pads to move furniture off carpeted areas.
  • Any furniture left on carpeted areas will be raised using furniture blocks.
  • Treat stains and remaining carpet with appropriate solution.
  • Place protective guards at every wall corner that may come in to contact with carpet hose.
  • Deodorize your carpet and apply Scotchgard.
  • After cleaning, our professionals will inspect all carpeted areas paying particular attention to the troubled areas.
  • Rake all carpeted areas to fluff and remove any lines left by cleaning wand.
  • Move furniture back to original location and put on furniture blocks.

By the way, two things that you are guaranteed:

  • You will never have any hidden costs or up-charges.
  • You will be satisfied with the results.

Ask us about our guaranteed free call back service. A great way to never have to live with dirty carpet.

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