Unlimited carpet cleaning !


Have kids or pets?  Or like most people just enjoy really clean carpet?


We have the deal for you. The BEST VALUE in carpet cleaning. We clean all  the carpeted surfaces in your home, first by removing stains and doing a professional wall to wall cleaning. We then apply a protective coating of Scotchgard to help protect against future spills and dirt. Thereafter, on a quarterly basis one of our carpet cleaning professionals comes back and cleans stains, heavy traffic areas, and renews the Scotchgard application.

dog7Between cleaning sessions there is no charge if additional cleaning is required, like removing spills.

Springer’s professional cleaning services bring care, experience and an elite line of industrial cleaning products to your home.

Commercially available cleaning products, while effective for light work, typically cannot provide the performance required for larger jobs. To overcome this problem, Springer’s carpet and surface cleaning professionals use specially formulated equipment and products from ProChem, a world leader in industrial maintenance supplies. These provide superior cleaning while offering greater fabric and surface care to extend the life and luster of your quality carpet.

So what does it cost?

Believe it or not your initial cleaning is only $289.00. Each quarter from there on out you are billed between $79.00 and $109.00 depending on the size of your home. This covers the cost of your quarterly service, in between accidents and Scotchgard reapplication.  At the end of the year we clean your carpets again wall to wall. Just keep paying the low quarterly fee and you will have carpets that are Forever Clean!

What time works best for you?

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